Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello :D

It feels like I haven't posted in a while...Anyway, nothing new, just cooked breakfast since the whole family is home today. Hopefully, and I stress the hopefully part I can get help watching the baby so that I can take my new designs from my head and put them to good use on my sewing machine. I just don't have the attention span I used to!

I never really got to introduce myself to my fellow bloggers. I'll sum it up in 25 things (although I could go on alllllllll day! lol
  1. My name is Relina
  2.  I'm 24
  3.  Been married 3 years.
  4.  I have a beautiful baby girl named Addison (almost 10 mos old) who is constantly exploring and getting into things (especially things that she shouldn't bother with. Right now she's climbing on top of a suitcase).
  5. I love traveling
  6. I love dancing (although I'm not the best at it lol)
  7. I love going to new exciting places,
  8. I love reading and occasionally writing.
  9. I'm very easy to get along with.
  10. I'm very random
  11. Sometimes I tell too much information (it drives my mom nuts).
  12. I have very good manners, but I am by no means a lady (that's boring:)
  13. I love to sew
  14. I don't like using patterns
  15. I'm a good judge of character
  16. I have a shop where I sell my bags
  17. I love thrifting
  18. I'm not materialistic
  19. I'm very good at giving advice but I usually don't put it to use myself
  20. I get grossed out very easily
  21. I'm always akward when I first meet someone
  22. I'm not very tolerant of people who put on pretenses
  23. I love helping people
  24. I can't say no
  25. I daydream
Well that's me summed up in 25 facts....I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm a real person :).


  1. Thats a great idea ::D I feel like I know you better now ::D

  2. Cool beans!! You're a lot like me!! The first, 3rd, & 4th don't apply to me, obviously, but most of the rest of them are on the head for real! lol Especially #11, 12, 23, & 24!!

  3. Thanks for following! Your blog title caught my attention - Cocoa Martha Stewart - Love it! Looking forward to your posts!

  4. Thank you! So glad you're following. I'll try not to bore you too much! :D

  5. Great summary! Loved it- and oh! a baby girl named Addison-- Oh- squeeze and hug and kiss her for me! I LOVE babies and my own Addie is 19 already- but I soooo remember her being little. Thanks for posting and commenting and having a baby girl named Addison! Btw, my daughter loves her name- and I am so glad because 20 years ago it was taking a chance, you know? (her great g'ma was adaline, called addie- we thought Addison was a great mod version- and still do)

  6. Hahaha that is sooo funny! We named her after My Grandma except her name was Addie Mae so we put a modern spin on it! :D