Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall season :)

 The fall season is approaching in a matter of days, so you know what that means? Football season! I personally don't follow it but I do love this time of the year. The time when most husbands,dads, grandpas, brothers and of course we won't forget the pigskin loving ladies, sit on the couch with a beer and scream at the TV like psycho ward escapees. Superbowl and tailgating parties are sure to be on the calender (I usually go for the food haha). So in honor of this time of year I am going to be featuring some tailgating recipes, so look for those soon.

6 Easy Finger Food Recipes to Satisfy Your Super Bowl Sunday Guests

Also, I've mentioned in one of my earlier blogs that I love thrifting. My mom loves it even more, so one day as I was being taken hostage by my mom at Park Avenue Thrift (much cheaper than Goodwill) I found these two chairs, they were priced at like $9 for both and it just so happens my mom had a 50% off coupon so I got the set for like $4.50! They don't look like much now but I immediately saw the finished product after I clean, re-cover the pillows and paint them. I've posted pictures of the before. Once I finish them I will post the after. Oh and I think the cushions are upside down (haha)...whatever you get what they look like.


  1. I really like the chair, you did a good job, where did you get the cushions or did they come with the chairs?

  2. @Roxanna I didn't do anything to the chairs yet.. I want them to look a bit more modern. Although they are vintage traditional and vintage is in, its just not my style. :).

    @Nicole Thanks :)

  3. The cushions did come with the chair :)

  4. Where is that thrift store? You got an awesome deal. I am looking for patio chairs and I would like to try that store out.

  5. I'm just now seeing this! Park Ave thrift on pleasant hill!